Knowledgebase for the Baltimore Hack the Box group
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/* Do not edit this file. This is how the site gets built and deployed.
Are there better/cheaper/different ways to build and host a static site?
Yes. I'm aware. I have my reasons. Don't bug me about it.
pipeline {
options {
skipDefaultCheckout true
agent any
stages {
stage('Everything') {
agent { label 'prod_web' }
steps {
sh '''
cd $(mktemp -d);
wget http://gittea.lxd:3000/s00ner/Baltimore-hackthebox-knowledgebase/archive/main.tar.gz;
tar -xf main.tar.gz;
rsync --recursive --exclude 'Jenkinsfile' --delete ./baltimore-hackthebox-knowledgebase/ /home/mdbook/wiki/src/;
rm -rf $(pwd);